Genetic Testing

The ASBA has adopted the following policies to genetic defects and testing in the Southdown breed.
Please review the ASBA Policy & Procedures Guidelines on the Policy & Minutes page.

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• GENOTYPE (“Scrapie Susceptability”)
• ECTODERMAL DYSPLASIA (“Hairy Lamb Syndrome”)

Testing Your Southdown Flock

Genetic tests for Hereditary Chondrodysplasia (Spider), Ectodermal Dysplasia ( Hairy Lamb Syndrome), Scrapie Susceptability, and Callipyge Gene are available at the following commercial labs. The labs should be contacted directly for blood sampling procedures and pricing information:  

Commercial labs have been cleared to perform the test for Ectodermal Dysplasia (Hairy Lamb Syndrome).  The test was developed by Dr. Jon Beever’s Lab at the University of Illinois. Contact the lab of your choice to determine how you should submit your samples. Some labs offer a discount for ASBA members.